Monday, December 10, 2012

A CashCrate Review

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

 CashCrate is one of the programs I have chosen to help me build my online income, and it is by far one of the best I've found. I happen to know that they have been around for a while - several years, in fact. This tells me that they have had a long time to perfect their business model and that they are completely legit - otherwise they would have gotten shut down by now.

How do you make money?

There are a few ways you can make money with this site. These include
  •  Taking surveys.
  •  Completing offers and tasks.
  •  Shopping online.
  •  Referring people to the site.
  •  Get paid to watch videos.
Most people who seem to make a lot of money at this site do a combination of referring people and completing the offers and surveys.

When do they pay you?

All CashCrate requires is that your account balance reaches $20. When that happens, they'll send you your money via check. I've gotten paid from them in the past - it's just that the checks have been long cashed and discarded. Next check I get, I'll certainly post the screenshot so you can see.

How can you boost your earnings?

There are two ways you can boost your earnings. The first is to put in more hours completing offers, taking surveys, watching videos, etc. The second is to find more referrals. It all depends on what you are good at and how you want to spend your time.

Keep in mind that it is possible to succeed here without referrals. The surveys are fun. The Daily Surveys, for example, pay you a minimum of 50 cents a day (though most seem to be 80 cents a day.) That means that you will make at least $15 a month if you do the daily surveys alone.

What about the negative points?

Completing offers and surveys all day can get tedious. The questions they ask you are simple but mundane. Also, getting referrals isn't a for everyone. Not only that, but if you don't have a separate email account for it, you will find that your inbox is often flooded with information. I definitely recommend starting a new email address for your CashCrate account. 

Overall, I think it is worth signing up for. At the very least, you can make some extra cash each month having fun shopping, completing tasks, and filling out surveys. There's even games on the site!
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