Monday, December 10, 2012

Make Money Writing with Textbroker

I just recently read a book called Break Into the World of Freelance Writing and it made me realize that there is more I can be doing to boost my income online. I've used sites like Text Broker for a while to help fill in the gaps of income when I am in between clients. But, I've stopped taking on clients so it has caused me to look at this site differently.

But I am looking at things differently now because Textbroker has a lot going for it. It gives me a way to make fast income and also build up some stable clients. This is something that I didn't take advantage of at first but I plan to going forward.

Frequent Pay

All Textbroker requires is that your account reaches $10. Every time it does, you can request your pay. This makes it a very good site to make money in a big pinch - for example, if you have a bill to pay.

Achieve Higher Rankings

If you consistently write high quality articles, you'll make it higher up in the ranks. I am currently at Tier 3. I would like to be at Tier 4 so this is a goal for me to work on in the future. When new Tiers open up to you, that means you can make more money.

Direct Orders

Another way to make money on the site is to secure direct orders. To do this, it helps to complete your profile and also work on orders on a frequent basis. Eventually, more and more clients will ask you to write for them exclusively. This is something that I need to work on going forward.

Final Thoughts

Overall, that book I mentioned at the beginning of this post talked about more than just Textbroker. However, it did provide me with some valuable hints and tricks for making more money at Textbroker. I've requested payoff - I'll let you know when it goes through.
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