Monday, December 10, 2012

How I Plan on Getting Out of Debt

If I am really honest with myself, my debt is more like $20,000 rather than the $5000 that I stated yesterday. Yes, I know. Debt is embarrassing so even though people I know likely won't read this, I still couldn't face the music.

It shows that I really need to change some things about myself and about my lifestyle in order to turn my situation around.

First, I need an income.

I spoke of this yesterday - the fact that I am building my income online so that I can start paying off my debt. In this blog you'll not only have a chance to see how I am doing with my debt, but also with building my online career. So far, I am not making much - but I will give you my income breakdown at the end of each month so you can track my progress.

Second, I'll start paying things off.

I am a huge fan of David Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. I purchased it on my Kindle and am going through the steps to financial independence. I am still on Step 1 - Set aside $1000 for a small emergency fund. I have $0 saved right now and since I don't really have an income, I have no idea how long it will take.

Third, I will be patient and intense.

Good things don't happen overnight normally. Patience and intensity are the name of the game. I have to be ultra focused and I will reach my goals. If I have patience, I won't panic. I find that when I panic I get discouraged and give up.

If I concentrate and stick to my routines, I know I will achieve my goal to pay off my debt and make my living online.
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