Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why I Make Money Online - Live an Independent Lifestytle Debt Free

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Why do I make money online?

With this new blog, I start a new chapter in my life. My internet career is still in its fledgling stages and in many ways, so is my life. You see, I am going through a divorce and it is time for me to make a new beginning.

I have some debt.

The first reason why I need to make money online is that I have some debt.  It isn't much. If I had to estimate, my debt is around 5000. But, I need to pay this off as soon as possible so I can make a new beginning.

I would like to be independent.

Another goal of mine is to build up my online income so I can be completely independent. When I was with my husband, I didn't work. Now that I need to support myself and start a new life, I need to find a way to make money.

I don't want the daily grind.

I never really entered the work force in the traditional sense. I worked for a short time in a bank and then a temporary employment agency. After that, I moved around a lot with my husband and contented myself with making money through my writing.

I would like passive income.

My writing career stressed me out. It was deadline oriented and it was disheartening to realize that once I got paid for some work I did, I never got paid for that work again. I have decided that in my new phase of my life, my rule is that I need to make money with passive income. This means that I do the work once and I keep getting paid for what I did.

My passive income goal.

So, how do I plan on truly making my money? I thought I would leave you with a list so you could have a feel for my goals.
  • I will write at sites like and
  • I will make money with websites and blogs.
  • I will also start selling my PLR (Private Label Rights) products.
I will keep you posted as I go along on the various ways that I plan on making money online.

I will still write.

I have decided that I will not give up on writing entirely.  I'll still do it - I am just going to be picky about which gigs I take on. And, if I am tight for cash, I can always use sites like Textbroker and The Content Authority to help me earn some extra cash.

Other programs I use.

One program I found that I really like is called Cash Crate. Sometimes I don't feel like writing or working on any of my blogs or websites. I love to pass the time here completing offers and surveys for extra cash. Companies rely on us as consumers to give our opinions. So, they put companies like Cash Crate to work gathering our opinions.

You see, I am just feeling out all my options right now. I decided to work on Cash Crate for a while because the fun surveys and offers give my mind a break. Plus, it's fun getting the checks. :-)

I will disclose my earnings.

When I get a check or a payment, I'll take a pic of it so I can show you. I want you all to be with me every step of the way so that you can see that it truly is possible to start from scratch making money online and turn your life around by building a stable future that is debt free.

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